On you could provide would be greatly appreciated. cialis daily use With love, and hope you are doing well. Login or register to post comments carolyns daughter posts: 4 joined: may 2012 mon, 05/07/2012 - 10:25pm question had your cancer spread any where else. My mother was just diagnosed and it mestized to the liver. She starts chemo tomorow. I am hopefull for the whipple procedure, but they first need to see how she responds her liver to the chemo. cialis reviews Any feed back would be great. order cialis online Thank you in advance login or register to post comments zeanbean posts: 2 joined: jun 2012 sat, 06/09/2012 - 1:16am how is your mother? Looks like i am in the same boat as you are. My mother was diagnosed on monday with stage iv duodenal adenocarcinoma with liver mets. Where is your mother being treated? How do you make the decision? can you buy viagra over the counter in america We were told because of the mets in the liver surgery is not possible. Anxious to hear if there is a possibility. Sincerely, christine login or register to post comments caseyj posts: 29 joined: nov 2010 sun, 02/20/2011 - 1:01am hi my name is casey and i have the same rare cancer as your husband would it be ok to email you here is my email ebaygirl715@yahoo. Com i could really use some support and ask you some questions if that would be ok. viagra and viagra prices I will be praying for your husband he sure has gone through alot. cialis without prescription God bless casey login or register to post comments jadit posts: 1 joined: feb 2011 fri, 02/25/2011 - 11:46pm small bowel cancer hi, i was diagnosed 21/12/2007 and i'm still here. buy cialis super active Below i've pasted in the text of an email that details my experience - i'm now 61 and still receiving 6 monthly all clears. If you want to talk or have any questions i'd be happy to help in any way. ------------------------------------------------------------------ email from feb 9th 2008 hi everyone, this is a belated thanks to you all of your kind letters, cards, emails & calls expressing your concern and offering support. http://genericcialisonlinebigdiscounts.com I promised to keep you up to date but i have been remiss. free samples for viagra Some of you have asked for a brief account of what of went on last year - so here goes. Last march i started to get mild digestive upsets that i put down to middle age finally catching up. viagra dosage much When it was still with me around july time i went to my gp and she suggested it might be an ulcer and prescribed tablets (to no effect). I was then sent for an ultra scan and an xray which got a little delayed due to vacations - anyway they both came back clear. My problems seemed to lessen and it looked like that it might be clearing up of its own accord. Then towards the end of october i started to get quite severe pains in my upper abd. buy viagra online singapore